Boothmans Agriculture provides reliable, effective agronomic expertise and support to farmers, reinforced by an efficient agrochemical warehousing and distribution service.

As an independently owned business with a long history of agronomic expertise, Boothmans have been successfully delivering indispensable advice to farmers, when and where they need it since 1975.

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Pesticide training

Pesticide Training at Boothmans Agriculture

Stay legal and compliant with our extensive range of course options. PA1, PA2, PA6, NRoSO, FACTS Updates all undertaken at our new purpose built training facilities.


Supercharge your spray water with Acquire

Acquire supercharge your spray water

Pesticides can lose up to 50% of their
activity when hard water is used for spraying. Farmers can now use Acquire to reduce
this loss and improve results.


Brimstone 90 & Brim-Bor fertilisers

Brimstone Sulphur fertiliser image

Brimstone 90 sulphur prills for cost-effective sulphur supply and Brim-Bor providing sulphur plus boron. Use on OSR, cereals, grassland, brassica vegetables and other arable crops.
Machinery settings available for most fertiliser spreaders.


Brimstone Rapide - Common scab reduction


Irrigation is still the main tool some growers have to reduce the incidence of common scab.  However, water usage issues have now put the spotlight very much onto alternative methods of controlling scab in potatoes.


Arable crop agronomy

Indispensable advice on agrochemicals, seed  and fertilisers is provided by Boothmans dynamic team of BASIS and FACTS qualified advisers, through regular field visits and consultation with farmer clients.

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Specialist crop agronomy


Although primarily arable agronomists, we have extensive expertise in vegetable and horticultural agronomy. Crops include daffodils, gladioli, sunflowers & sweet williams.


Chemical supply

Boothmans products group image

Satisfying customer needs with purpose built warehousing and satellite tracked deliveries. Main accounts include Bayer, BASF, Dupont, Dow, Barclays, MAUK, United Phosphorus


Seed supply

Seed Supply image

Cereals, Oilseed rape, peas, beans, specialist crop, grass and gamecover. With large buying power and access to multiple seed house Boothmans procure quality seed at the best prices,


GPS Potato cyst nematode mapping

GPS  Potato cyst nematode mapping

Save £'s on your nematacides. Sample potato fields and apply Nemathorin or Vydate only where needed. Minimise the chances of hotspots and improve the environmental profile of your crop.


Slash P & K costs with Cropkare


CropKare is a concentrated compound fertiliser made from burnt deep litter poultry manure. It provides phosphate, potash, sulphur and other nutrients in one cost effective product.